Friday, October 21, 2011



HAPPINESS. it's your choice.

coursework details

title: HAPPINESS. it's your choice.

medium: pen, drawing block ,water colour paper (for paper cut), copic markers

dimensions: A2

happiness - isn't that what all of us strive to achieve?
yet we often feel negative about our lives
stop worrying and stop frowning
let's laugh a lot, and live each day with a smile on your face :)

always look on the bright side of life~~!
im irritated by my blog layout....

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

yay more art

woohooo a blue violin
its my strings project:D to be hung in m4:D
i think its pretty :)

yay! squeezing icing for cookies can be art too :D

this looks like van gogh's starry night?

found a very old photo of our sketches :D

Monday, September 26, 2011

artworks in shanghai

these are artworks found in shanghai
some of them are really quite....weird...
for a better word, creative?

the bund #1

the bund #2

the bund #3

orential pearl

what a cool way to put name cards :D

the humongous man

buddah traced with gold paint
(maybe not paint...REAL GOLD???)
they have a lot of religious paintings thereand a lot of political ones too
like they depict mao ze dong and stuff

pink and silver corn

statue of liberty

red sculptures

olympic flame torch?

blue soldier statue sculpture

white sculpture with red ties

mona lisa and marilyn monroe with pacifier.
reminds me of zhiyi :D

reminds me of zhiyi again
look like the style of the girl in her coursework??

zhiyi style again??



quite disturbing
people made of worms
painted very realistically

another disturbing painting.

look at the pattern. pop art style?

look at the white paint
adds texture to the work

try to see how thick the paint is for the green painting on the wall
it is nearly like making sculpture with hardened paint
very interesting and cool

gold chains hanging from the sky

>should be bronze sculpture
there were quite a lot of similar ones in the room
but some were erm....very sexually suggestive

humongous thick lips puppet

funny eyed

failed artistic shots - shanghai

and i miss SHANG HAI TOO D: pretty flowers outside the oriental pearl tower
cool looking woody thing
cool looking tree root
maple leaf :D
a rock -.-
bee #1
bee #2
bee #3
a red leaf among green ones
they look like anemone. its chrysanthemum
i love house of flour
yay! it went inside my tummy
nom nom nom
yay! it went inside my tummy too
lv choc yum yum
i didn't eat this D: